About Us

We are Seven women who have become friends over several periods of our lives. Some of us have known one another as toddlers, some as teens with pimples and frizzy hair (lol), and others have met in college. Ah, college! That is where we all ended up forming our own unique sisterhood. It was there, nestled in a small Philadelphia suburb, that we grew and really got to know one another. It was there, that God with His perfect plan for our lives, connected us and made us rely on each other.

Some of us have worked for the other, lived together, and of course lived far away from each other. And yet, the bond does not break. Sure, we’ve had our little quarrels and even some big ones. But we know and value the meaning of our sisterhood. We’ve shared clothes and shoes, been through weddings, second weddings, children, and even some loss of children together. We are our seven.

Welcome to our blog. Our own little space in the internet world where we get to share our thoughts on all things woman, mommy, and wife related from seven very different lives who are all bonded together by our friendship and most of all by Jesus!