Sisterhood is lost…

Somewhere between gossip & a fake smile,

A “How u doing” followed by an envious glare

Judgmental minds swear,

With selfish thoughts & a stare she- WE-

It makes u wonder if anyone is even there…

Sister, I wish u would dare!

Dare to stand up & get out-

Stop walking in shame for

God didn’t call u to wallow in self despair!


Growth is Amazing,

Embrace it!

Chase it!

Speak life to it!


Encourage Her,

Empower Her,

Uplift Her!

Because you just don’t know what she carries,

You don’t know her pain.

You don’t know how many times she endured Love being ripped out of her chest with a blade!

I can tell u it took my breath away…

Because I am her. She is We. We are she.


I will attempt to explain:

Motherhood is pain,

It is selflessness…

Sacrifices, worries and disdain-

It is… Countless blessings-

Pouring out & getting filled up the same.

It is being brave. Gasping for air

While you’re enjoying the race

Because if u blink too fast u might miss a moment, a change in pace…

Motherhood is Unconditional Love,

Overflowing joy & grace

It is forgiveness

Strength & Gentleness-grasping onto Faith

She is stability & light in a dark place…


So the next time you see her-

That Single mom, 

That “Stay at home Mom”

That business running mom-

That childless mom…

Hug her.

Tell her u admire her strength.

Tell her, she’s Gods masterpiece.

Please think before you speak.

She may not need to hear your thoughts of “Omg how do u do it?” 

Reminding her she’s “Got her hands full”

She may just need a sister, a friend, a lending hand.


Sister, You are Gods loving arms… Don’t you see? He kissed the earth when he made u a mother





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