Why Seven?


Because it’s supposed to be a perfect number? Because it’s lucky? Actually no.

And after much thought and lots of back and forth as to the “Why This Thing,” we’ve finally got it! The seven of us have come together and decided this blog was a great idea to help all women from all walks of life. To help women feel and know they are not alone. To encourage those who are down and lend ideas to those who need just a little inspiration. To build up, to inspire, and to bear good news to all! –Keisha

Single moms, working moms, stay at home moms, all types of moms have one thing in common – we are women. We are moms but we are women first and at the end of the night we have our thoughts and insecurities even outside of motherhood. I hope this blog will shine a light to empower and uplift women to not only feel more confident and understood but to cast their fears on God and trust Him in every circumstance.  –Erica

The purpose of this blog is to have a platform to share with women all over the world our struggles and victories in a very transparent and organic way.  Our backgrounds, ethnicities, and where we reside might be different but we are all women, mommies, wives with a common core: our passion for God. This is a place where seven friends will have a voice to bring topics that are relevant to today’s society concerning women and relationships. This blog will also be a place where ladies will not only feel encouraged, but empowered by the lives of real women with real struggles and no matter what tide comes their way, they have made it through. Lastly, this blog will offer advice and tips on holistic living, parenthood, entrepreneurship, fashion, faith and much more. Get ready to be blown away by the “Seven Sisters!” –Oriella


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